Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental

Hiring a van can be a great solution for any issue you may be dealing with.  Be it a house move or house clearance, a gardening project for which you need to transport stones, railway sleepers, rubble and so on, a brand new kitchen or bathroom, the list is endless and a van will be available.  There are also more specialised vans, such as catering vans, refrigerated vans, livestock vans, touring vans, and so on.  In essence, regardless of what your needs are, you are sure to be able to find a van that has been designed to deal with those needs.

What is Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental?

Wheelchair accessible van rental is applicable when the less able need to be transported.  These vans are often used by Primary Care Trusts for disabled patients and by Local Authorities in their disability services.  However, private people are also able to consider wheelchair accessible van rental, for example if they are thinking of touring the United Kingdom or going on a holiday and one member of the party is wheelchair bound.

Where Can I Find Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental?

There are quite a few companies in the United Kingdom that offer wheelchair accessible van rental.  Being committed to equality and diversity is very high on the agenda presently, so more and more companies are appearing that offer wheelchair accessible vans.  Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Accessible Van Rental, offering wheelchair accessible van rental in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Thrift, one of the larger rental companies that also offers wheelchair accessible vans.
  • Wheelchair Car Hire, a company that specialises in offering vehicles that have been adapted for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental Costs

The cost of wheelchair accessible van rental will depend mainly on how many wheelchairs you will need to be able to fit in the van, as well as the length of time you require your van for.  Many companies encourage longer term hire or lease hire by significantly reducing their prices if you agree to wheelchair accessible van rental for a week or more.  This is particularly interesting for organisations such as hospitals or schools.

How Can I Find Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental?

Finding wheelchair accessible van rental should not be too difficult, as more and more companies have started to offer these types of vans.  You could try to contact some of the companies listed above, or you could try speaking to some people that may have used such a van in the past.  Perhaps you know somebody who is in a wheelchair, for example.  It can also be a great idea to speak to organisations in your local community, such as schools or medical centres, as it is likely that they will have used wheelchair accessible van rental in the past.

So, regardless of why you need wheelchair accessible van rental, you are sure to be able to find a company that can offer you the right van for your needs and requirements at a price that is fair and affordable.



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