Types Of Van For Rent

Choosing to rent a van is a great way to be able to engage in any project that involves moving objects or people.  Be it a holiday across the country, moving your child into their university dorm, a house clearance, a new kitchen or bathroom or a big gardening project – hiring a van can be just what you need.  But once you have decided that hiring a van is a great idea, you are faced with a variety of vans and the question arises: what types of van for rent should you choose?

Available Types of Van for Rent

There are many different types of van for rent available from a variety of companies across the United Kingdom.  The main vans are:

  • Minibuses – these are mainly useful if you are travelling with a group of people.  Generally these types of van for rent can be offered with a driver as well, being more of a taxi service for a night out for example.  However, you can also hire a minibus without a driver, which is really interesting if you want to go on a driving holiday.
  • Small vans – generally a Volkswagen Caddy or a Citroen Berlingo.  These used to be used by many postal services.  They generally have space for two people and a nice load area at the back.  However, do not expect to be able to transport an American fridge, for example.
  • Small to medium vans – these are generally one tonne vans such as a Volkswagen transporter.  Again, these will have space for two people at the front, but a significantly higher amount of space in the back.
  • Medium vans – These generally have longer bodies and are able to transport even more.  If you are thinking of moving an American style fridge, you would need one of these at the very least.
  • Large vans – Most companies will offer a Luton Van or a Volkswagen Crafter.  These vans are ideal for house moves and can generally still be driven on a standard driver’s licence.
  • Cargo vans – These are at least 7.5 tonnes and generally require a specific driver’s licence allowing you to drive trucks.

Prices of the Different Types of Van for Rent

The prices of the types of van for rent will vary greatly depending on the type of van you require.  Generally, the smaller vans are the cheapest, with the price increasing together with the size.  However, most companies actively encourage longer term hire, meaning that the price could be significantly reduced if you rent a van for a week or more.  It is also important to keep your eyes out for any deals that are on offer, as many companies will offer 20% off deals or other interesting schemes at certain parts of the year.

So, once you have decided to hire a van, it is important to know which types of van for rent is most suitable to your needs and requirements.  Generally, companies offering different types of van for rent will be happy to listen to your requirements and advise you on which van is best for you.



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