Automatic Van Rental

Renting a van is a great way to transport large items, move home, do a gardening project, purchase a new kitchen or bathroom, or do whatever else you can think of.  You can also rent a van to transport people (generally referred to as minibuses) or highly specialised vans, such as marketing vans or catering vans, to name but a few.

What is Automatic Van Rental?

Driving a van can be quite daunting for a lot of people.  Even if you have been driving a car for years, suddenly stepping behind the wheel of a van can seem like a scary task, as vans can be incredibly big.  This is why a lot of people look specifically at automatic van rental, whereby they at least do not have to think about changing gears.  Others simply prefer to drive automatics, regardless of the vehicle.

Where Can I Find Automatic Van Rental?

There are quite a few companies across the United Kingdom that offer automatic van rental.  Some of the companies that offer this, for example, are:

  • Europcar, priding themselves on their low cost automatic van rental.
  • A1 National Van Hire, offering no deposit van rental and free delivery and collection.
  • Northgate Vehicle Hire, specialising in commercial automatic van rental.
  • National Car, who have an impressive fleet of automatic vehicles available for rental all across the United Kingdom.
  • Thrifty, offering automatic van rental in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  • 5th Gear, who have a range of special extra options that you can opt for when renting a van.
  • Apex Rental, specialising in long term automatic van rental.

Automatic Van Rental Costs

The cost of automatic van rental will depend entirely on your requirements.  The size and type of van will greatly influence the cost with larger vans and specialised vans generally being more expensive than standard or smaller vans.  Generally, companies offering automatic van rental try to attract customers that require longer term hire, by offering special deals and discounts if you require a van for a week or more.

How Can I Find an Automatic Van Rental?

Finding an automatic van rental is very easy.  You could choose to contact some of the companies mentioned in this article, of course, or you could try to find a trusted recommendation.  Many people have used van hire services in the past, for whatever reason, so why not try to speak to some members of your family, neighbours in your street, colleagues, friends or local business owners, to name but a few?  They are more than likely to be happy to share their experiences with you, meaning that you do not have to spend a lot of time comparing the different companies.  You may also receive a further discount if you are recommended by a friend, of course!

So, whatever the reason you have for requiring an automatic van rental, you are sure to be able to find a company that will offer you exactly what you require, whilst staying within your budget limitations of course.



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