Refrigerated Van Rental

Opting to rent a van is a great way to keep costs down, regardless of why you are thinking of renting a van.  For example, if you are going on holiday with a group of people, you could opt to hire a multi-seater van to give you freedom of movement.  Or, if you are moving home, opting to rent a van is generally a much cheaper option than enlisting the services of a removal company.  There are many other reasons why you could choose to rent a van and there are plenty of models to choose from.

What is Refrigerated Van Rental?

A refrigerated van is a type of truck in which the loading cab is basically a refrigerator.  This can be very useful if you are involved in transporting items that need to remain cool.  If your business is regularly involved in moving items that need to be stored in a cold area, you may opt for long term refrigerated van hire, which could help you keep your costs down.  Furthermore, opting for refrigerated van rental means that you don’t have to invest in purchasing a large and expensive truck.  Even if you choose to rent a refrigerated van for a long period of time, it would usually still be a cheaper option.

Where Can I Find a Refrigerated Van Rental?

There are quite a few companies across the United Kingdom offering refrigerated van rentals.  Some of these companies are also happy for you to use the van to travel abroad.  It is important, however, to check that your driver’s licence allows you to drive this type of truck.  Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Team Refrigeration, specialising in short term refrigerated van rental options.
  • Cool Running Rental, offering refrigerated vans, refrigerated vehicles and fridges across the United Kingdom.
  • Frostbite Ltd, operating in and across Stockport.
  • Acrobat Rental, offering Mercedes refrigerated vans for hire.

Refrigerated Van Rental Costs

The cost of a refrigerated van rental will depend on your exact requirements, as they come in a variety of sizes.  Many companies encourage longer term hire, meaning that you could achieve some very good discounts if you opt to hire a refrigerated van for more than a week.

How Can I Find a Refrigerated Van Rental?

Finding a refrigerated van rental should not be overly difficult.  You could try to contact some of the companies listed in this article, or you could opt to find some trusted recommendations.  Why not speak to some local businesses that may use refrigerated vans themselves.  They would generally be happy to talk with you about their experiences, allowing you to make an informed decision on which companies to work with and which ones to potentially stay away from.  There is no better advertisement than word of mouth!

So, whatever the reason your require a refrigerated van rental, and regardless how long you need it for or where you will be taking it, you are sure to be able to find a company in the United Kingdom that is able to meet all your needs and requirements as well as your budget.



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