Catering Van Rental

Opting to rent a specialised van as a business is a great way to keep overhead costs down.  Even if you require a van for a longer period of time, it is usually cheaper to enter into a long term rental agreement than purchasing your own van, particularly if you are looking at a specialised van or truck, such as refrigerated vans or catering vans.

What is Catering Van Rental?

A catering van rental is a van that is specifically designed for the catering business.  They are generally used for events, for example, whereby they are able to offer wonderful cooked food to people attending the event.  Generally, these vans will have a cooking area as well as in-built fridges to keep all the merchandise fresh.  The flooring will also be specifically designed to meet with health and safety standards, for example by including non-slip flooring.

Where Can I Find Catering Van Rental?

There are quite a number of companies in the United Kingdom that offering a catering van rental.  Generally, these vans are fully equipped with all the items you need, such as a sink, hot plate and fridge, as well as gas bottles to be able to cook the food.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration include:

  • Event Eateries, specialising in offering fully equipped catering van rental for events.
  • Café Catering, offering a catering van including caterer, specialising in hog roasts and burgers.
  • AJC Trailer, specialising in offering a catering van rental that meets all your requirements.
  • Excel Trailers, that offer specialised vans and trailers for hire, such as hospitality units, general purpose trailers and a catering van rental.
  • Village Fetes, who offer a fully equipped catering service for events and fetes.
  • Sidestalls, offering a catering van for rent on a nationwide basis.
  • Catering Trailer Hire Hull, operating in the Hull and surrounding area.

Catering Van Rental Costs

The cost of a catering van rental will depend entirely on your requirements and what sort of extras you need as well.  There will generally be a fixed price for a daily hire, but as companies encourage longer term hire, the price will generally come down if you opt for a catering van for rent for a week or more.

How Can I Find a Catering Van Rental?

Finding a catering van rental should not be too difficult.  Of course, you could opt to contact some of the companies listed in this article.  You could also try to find some trusted recommendations, of course.  Almost every town will regularly have a catering van offering hot food such as burgers and hot dogs so why not approach those (perhaps whilst enjoying a delicious cheeseburger!) and ask them which company they use for their catering van?

As you can see, finding a catering van rental that meets all your needs and requirements, whilst staying in your budget constraints as well is very easy and with so many companies to choose from you are sure to find the right van for you.



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