Van for Rent UK

If you are starting a small business, having to invest in purchasing a van can really leave a dent in your finances.  In fact, many small businesses are unable to afford purchasing a van outright, even a second hand one.  This is where a van for rent UK comes in handy, allowing small businesses to rent a van for a long period of time, rather than having to purchase one.  Renting a van can also be a great idea for those who only need it for an odd job or a few days, for example if moving home or moving large objects.

Where Can I Find a Van for Rent UK?

There are companies all across the United Kingdom that offer van for rent UK.  It is also possible to find private van owners that will offer van rental.  Some of the better known companies in the United Kingdom from which you can rent a van include:

  • Northgate Vehicle Hire, specialising in short and long term van for rent UK.
  • National Car, offering both vans and cars for hire in the United Kingdom.
  • Thrifty, who pride themselves on offering low cost van and care hire all across the United Kingdom.
  • Practical, who offer both short term hire and long term leasing of trucks and vans of all shapes and sizes.
  • Hertz, a company that offers van for rent UK, as well as offering car and van rental in the United Kingdom and abroad.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Van for Rent UK?

The costs of van for rent UK will vary depending on your exact needs and requirements.  The size of the van you require will influence the price of course.  There are van for rent UK in all sorts of sizes and models, ranging from a small van such as a Citroen, to entire trucks.  Of course, being able to rent the larger vans will depend on whether or not you have the appropriate licence to drive one. 

Many companies offering van for rent UK also encourage longer term hire.  Through this, the price will come down significantly on a daily basis if you rent a van for more than a week.  For example, a Luton transit van may cost around £70 for a day’s hire, but will cost around £300 for a full week, meaning you would only pay around £43 per day in that case.

You may also incur charges for drop off and pick up of your van if you are unable to attend the depot yourself, which can at times be quite costly.  It can hence be advisable to hire a van from a depot that is reasonably close to your own home, which should not be a problem considering the large amount of companies offering van for rent UK that are available.

So, regardless of the reasons why you may require van for rent UK, you are sure to be able to find a company that is able to offer you a van that meets all your needs and requirements.



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