Van for Rent Costs

Many people opt to rent a van as it is cheaper than hiring a service to move whatever item it is that you are looking at moving.  For example, hiring a van to move home and carrying your boxes and possessions yourself is generally cheaper than using a removal company.  Or hiring a van to take a brand new kitchen or bathroom home is often much cheaper than using a delivery service.  Of course, vans can also be used for other things, such as trips across the country or even abroad, and it certainly is cheaper in that case to hire a van than to use taxis or public transport especially if you are travelling for an extended period of time.

Van for Rent Costs – Cost of the Van

The main cost for the van you will be hiring will, naturally, be the van itself.  The price in this case will mainly depend on the type and size of van you require, larger vans being more expensive than smaller vans.  However, most companies that offer hires will keep their van for rent costs down by encouraging longer term rental, meaning you could get a significant discount on the daily price if you agree to hire a van for longer than a week.  Many companies are also very happy to discuss your budget with you, as well as meeting or beating any genuine like for like quote.

What Else is Included in Van for Rent Costs

Generally, when you hire a van, you will see that the price on your quotation will include VAT and fully comprehensive insurance.  Many companies will also include road side assistance in the van for rent costs.

Van for Rent Costs – Optional Extras

There is host of optional extras you could choose from that will vary the van for rent costs.  Some of these extras can include:

  • A satellite navigation system
  • An IPod docking station
  • A child seat
  • An additional driver

Keeping Van for Rent Costs Down

In today’s economic climate, many of us are focussed on keeping the cost of everything we do down.  Keeping van for rent costs down should not be too difficult.  Firstly, as stated above, many companies would be happy to beat any genuine like for like quotes, so it is certainly worth doing a little bit of research into the different costs that are available. 

Secondly, many companies will be very happy if a previous customer has recommended you, often offering a discount or some money back to the customer that recommended you.  Hence, trying to find some trusted recommendations could be a great idea.  You could be very pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that have hired a van at some point and they would be able to tell you which companies they enjoyed working with and which were not as good.  Speaking to friends, members of your family, colleagues, neighbours and local business owners, for example, could really help to keep your van for rent costs down.



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