Van For Rent

There are many reasons why someone could choose to rent a van.  For example, it may be useful if you are thinking of moving home, buying a new bathroom, engaging in a large gardening project or anything else whereby a van for rent would be great for a period of around a day.  Renting a van can also be very useful for longer term hire, for small businesses for example that are unable to afford the initial investment of purchasing a van outright.

Where Can I Find a Van for Rent?

There are companies all across the United Kingdom that offer van for rent services, from the south to the north and the east to the west.  Some of the better known companies that offer van for rent services include:

  • UK Van and Minibus Hire, who specialise in van for rent services all across the United Kingdom
  • Thrifty, who offer vans for rent in the United Kingdom as well as abroad
  • Volkswagen Vans, specialising in Volkswagen vans, both vintage and new
  • Van Hire 3000, another main player that offers van for rent across the United Kingdom and abroad

Of course, it is also possible to opt to rent a van from a private owner.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Van for Rent?

The prices of renting a van can vary greatly depending on your exact requirements.  Firstly, the size of the van you are looking for will influence the price, bigger vans usually costing more than smaller vans.  Secondly, the length of time you require a van for rent will also influence the price.  Many companies actively encourage longer term van hire, meaning that their prices will be greatly reduced on a daily level if you opt for longer term hire, such as a week or more.  Your location will also influence the price, as you may incur a charge for delivery and pick up.  Hence, it may be beneficial to opt to use a van for rent company whose depot is as close to your location as possible.

Van for rent companies will often have certain requirements that you will need to meet as well, which will mainly centre around how long you have held your driver’s licence and whether or not you have any points.

It is important to look closely at what is and isn’t included in your rental agreement when you are looking for a van for rent.  Costs such as VAT, insurance and road side assistance can be very costly and you should make sure these are included in the price you are quoted so you do not have a nasty surprise when you receive your invoice.

So, if you are looking at a van for rent, there are plenty of companies you can go to all across the United Kingdom, even if you are looking to rent a van abroad.  Prices will vary greatly depending on your requirements, but with many companies promising to beat any genuine like for like quote, you are sure to be able to get a good deal.


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