Volkswagen Van Rental

When it comes to van rental, the UK is one of the best markets in the world; despite this it can still be tough to choose the perfect van for your purpose. Vans are available to hire in all kinds of sizes and shapes but not all companies will be able to provide with the correct type of van. Choosing a small economy van would not be the ideal choice if you are planning on using the vehicle for a house move, likewise a large Luton box van would not be suited to transporting small machinery or tools. Volkswagen van rental aims to provide customers with the right sized van for the job and offer the customer service to ensure that the vans are always in stock and help you to make the correct choice of vehicle for your purpose.

Who are Volkswagen van rental?

If you are a car or van owner, or even if you are not, there is a pretty good chance you will have head of Volkswagen. The German automobile manufacture is one of the biggest in the world and produces many of the market leading vans used by numerous van rental companies across the world. The VW Transporter that is now one of the most common vans on the market was first introduced in 1949 and has since seen over 6,000,000 on the roads. The VW rental service allows customers to rent a Volkswagen van direct from one the companies UK branches as opposed to renting through a third party company. Volkswagen van rental can offer customers a range of vehicles that is unmatched and do so at competitive prices.

To show guaranteed quality, Volkswagen van rental are members of the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association (BVRLA). The BVRLA are the industry regulator and any member must adhere to the strict guidelines, this means that customers can gain the peace of mind and knowledge that they are hiring from a reputable trade body.

Volkswagen van rental fleet

Whether the need for a van is a house move, to cover a short term extra demand or to keep a business on the road, Volkswagen has a fleet of vans to suit. Unlike independent rental companies that can only offer a selection of two or three VW Vans, Volkswagen van rental can offer dozens. The Caddy, Caddy Maxi Crafter and Transporter offer cubic metres load capacity ranging from 3.2 metres cubed to 17 metres cubed. In addition to these commercial vans, VW rental can also Transporter Shuttles which can seat up to nine people, the kombis are also a beneficial addition to the rental fleet and offer plenty of room for both passengers and load. Minibus vans and the market leading VW camper vans are also available from selected retailers.

Volkswagen van rental services are available across the UK and most of the major cities are fully catered to with a complete range of vans. Reservations can be made easily by calling 0844 5581588 




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