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Vehicle rental is a big industry in the UK and large chunk of the market is taken up by van rental services. Many people that own cars, will require the use of a van when the car is not suitable for fulfilling the transportation needs; it also makes sense to rent a van over the option of buying one, especially if the use is only temporary. Buying a van can mean paying yearly, insurance, MOT and tax whereas renting will incur none of those charges and will give a customer the option to change the size of the vehicle as and when required. The UK is a perfect place for perspective van hire customers and the A1 National Van Hire van rental service is able to serve the whole of the UK.

Who is A1 National Van Hire?

People looking to A1 National Van Hire van rental services to provide them with a suitable vehicle are looking in the right place. The company are one of the largest in the UK with locations covering the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and with a wide range of vehicles to suit any purpose. A1 national Van Hire pride themselves on providing first class customer service along with excellent priced vehicles and the fact that the price of van hire starts at just £21.50 per day shows that they stand out from the pack.

What benefits come with A1 National Van Hire vehicles?

The A1 National Van Hire service is well respected and regularly used by many people in the UK, this is due to the quality and range and modern vans that are available along with the excellent benefits that come with hire.

European travel is something that is offered by A1 National Van Hire which is not provided by a lot of other van rental companies that offer the same kind of vans. European travel is an excellent option and is beneficial if there is a need to transport goods into an EU listed country.

One way rentals are of excellent benefit for people that are looking to hire a van for a long distance house move or airport transfer. A1 National Van Hire has branches throughout the UK means that customers can hire from one branch and return to any other mainland branch.

Unlimited mileage is also included with all vehicles which can be ideal if the van is to be used over longer distances. Some companies will only provide a limited mileage allowance which, if exceeded, incurs a charge per mile; this will not be a worry with A1 National Van Hire

Vans will also include fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover in with the price of hire, as-well as the option of free delivery and collection.

Deposit with A1 National Van Hire

All A1 National Van Hire van rentals will require a deposit prior to hire, this will be £250 for commercial vans and £500 for specialist vans. Deposit will be taken by credit card are credited back to the card upon return of the vehicle, providing there is no damage. 




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